Mortgage paid off, don't forget the formalities

after the mortgage paid off, there are many formalities to be you, not pleased to forget. , Mortgage pay off what are the formalities necessary? we are here to give you a brief introduction.

1, revocation of registration of mortgage

borrowers in General when handling the mortgage, is to their housing mortgage registration formalities. If for the modified procedures, then pay off the loan, and mortgage registration should be revoked.

2, discharging the recognizance procedure

before the loan if the borrower, sought security enterprise security. So after the end of loan, should withdraw security procedures. In addition, if prior to the completion of formalities of guarantee to guarantee the company a deposit, then you can also revoke security procedures at the same time, going back to the deposit.

3, the settlement of formalities

settlement procedure is the borrower and bank processing, borrowers pay off the loan, usually Bank Auto for borrowers to settle procedures.