Home equity loans and mortgages cheaper?

Lee plans to borrow money from a bank to buy a House, but his question is, there are two options, either parents House to apply for a mortgage loan, loan intermediaries for earmarking, "curves" purchase, either directly applying for mortgage? which kind of loan and save money? Li confused.

in General, home mortgage rates are higher than mortgage rates. For example for, according to currently mortgage interest rate for benchmark interest rate 5 years above 6.55%, housing mortgage loan interest rate is benchmark interest rate floating 10% for 7.71% to calculation, if loan 300,000 yuan, loan term are for 10, matching principal and interest repayment way words, 10 years Hou, total mortgage repayment amount for 409689.16 Yuan, months repayment amount for 3414.08 Yuan, mortgage loan total repayment amount for 426950.68 Yuan, months repayment amount for 3557.92 Yuan. Clearly, mortgage rates lower, less interest, monthly payment less.